Political Correctness in today’s society exceeds limit of rational thought

The Holiday’s are a constant reminder of the massive over enforcing of political correctedness in today’s society. It comes a time where “Merry Christmas” is no longer acceptable and “Happy Holidays” is the only greeting safe enough to be said aloud. Today, people will feel they are on pins and needles when interacting, and ultimately this defeats the purpose of being politically correct altogether. The aspect that everything one says must be censored undermines real conversation between different people. This often leads to worsened racial/gender tensions. A great example to regard is the change from the term B.C. and A.D. to B.C.E. and C.E. This change was made to school systems around the country to¬†ensure that there would be no hurt feelings, a move that teaches kids to censor what they say to an extreme extent. It’s a move that actually demotes conversation between people because of constant concerns about being labeled as “sexist” or “racist. This doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t watch what they say and be cautious of other’s feelings, but not to the point where one must watch what they say to the point that they dismiss interaction altogether.

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